Monday, October 01, 2007

Our New Cat: The Hunter

That's right! His name is The Hunter.

A co-worker of Sandi had to find a new home for The Hunter. He arrived two weeks ago last Tuesday. After a quick trip to the vet, I brought Hunter home and turned him out.

Immediately, our boy cat, Frankie, went to the protect mode. There were two days of hissing and spitting and growling. Then all of a sudden, they started acting like old friends. Our girl cat, Ellie, reluctantly accepted The Hunter, too.

Here are pictures of Hunter. He's a white cat with a tabby tail and tabby markings on his face. He has black pads on his feet.

Images show Hunter hiding behind the day bed on the first day (above left). Hunter getting his first bowl of tuna (middle right). Frankie in the "predator mode" (below right).
Hunter has a very nice disposition. He comes in and sleeps between my legs at night. His purr is soft. He also sits on the back of the couch in the evening when we watch TV.

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The Teixeiras said...

Ahhh, too cute! Welcome to the new family member.