Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day at Glen Rose

It's Monday, Sept. 3

The pictures from top to bottom are CliftTex Cinema, Thompson Gallery, our egg home, and Sandi in the galley. Left click on the images to see a larger view.

Labor Day was very cool and relaxed. We got up after a very relaxing night. After breakfast and lunch we decided to drive down to Clifton. My cousin, L.A. Thompson, is rumored to be running a fine art gallery there. I had prepared a map using AAA Texas' mapping service, but we took the wrong turn before getting out of Glen Rose. To make a long story short, we drove 150 miles out of our way. Actually, it was a very nice diversion. The terrain was very hilly. A juniper and live oak forest covered the hill sides. Dotted amoung the trees and grassy valleys were quaint ranches and ranch houses.

We arrived in the Bosque County town of Clifton at about 2:30 p.m. So where is the gallery? The town's population was 3,671. We thought it would be easy to find an art gallery in such a small town. NOT! We stopped on the highway at a Shell gas station. The people there did not know that there was an art gallery in Bosque County. Finally, we found someone who thought there "might be" a gallery downtown.

"Jest take ah left at the red light. It's easy to find," she said.

She was right. No problem finding the red light. It was no problem finding the downtown either. This town is the poster kid for The Last Picture Show! The picture show incidently appeared to be still going strong. It was called the CliftTex Theatre. A sign said it was opened in 1916. Rush Hour was showing...maybe it will be showing next week. I don't know.

We kept looking for "the gallery". Finally, we found a gallery. We milled about in front only to determine it was closed. We walked down the street to find another gallery. This time we found it. A sign said, "Thompson Gallery". It was also closed! We called the number on the door. No answer. We left a message. We think she lived on the second floor. Perhaps she looked out the window, saw us, and decided to be "not at home". LOL!

On the way out of town, we stopped at the local Dairy Queen for a ice cream cone and a hot fudge sundae. Sad to say, Dairy Queen no longer tops their sundaes with a cherry. Bummer!

We drove back to Glen Rose, taking the short cut. It began raining when we got to the Casita. I snapped a picture of our "egg home" just before the rain.

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