Sunday, September 02, 2007

Labor Day at Glen Rose

It's Saturday, Sept. 1

Click on the images to get a larger view. The images are Somervell Courthouse, upper right; confluence of the Brazos and Paluxy rivers , bottom right; and dinosaur track, bottom left.

We got up at 8:30 a.m. and had a leisurly breakfast. The Casita was comfortable and cool. I set up the Casita's awning, although we are in partial shade from a huge elm tree.

I walked around the park and observed the three rivers -- actually it is two rivers and a creek. LOL! This is a beautiful setting for an RV resort. It's a pity that it is so remote and under utilized.

One of nature's wonders is where one river joins another. The Paluxy River empties into the Brazos River at the southeast corner of Tres Rios Resort. I have an image to document this natural wonder. (See photo.)

I wandered around the park while Sandi dressed. It was cool and the park showed signs of a recent rain. I hope it don't rain again; but again, perhaps it would cool things off a bit.

We stayed in Casita until noon. We had lunch inside. We carry enough food for every meal inside, but sometimes eat out. Tonight we will go into Granbury and see a live theatre performance based on the country singer Patsy's Cline's early years.

We drove into Glen Rose to go to -- yes you guessed it -- the nearest Dollar General store. LOL Sandi cannot pass up a DG! LOL. Then we went to a supermarket. The rest of the afternoon was in downtown Glen Rose. Get this picture. Glen Rose is the county seat of Somervell County. The old limestone courthouse, which is typical of Texas-style county seats, occupies the center of the square. (See picture.)

There was one bright note. Where 20 years ago there were empty buildings, the quaint curio shops have moved in. All of the town's businesses have moved to the highway. Besides ranching, the town's economy is princapally the Commanche Peak Nuclear power generating plant run by TXU utilities. Before 911, this facility was open to tours.

We visited the Somervell County museum and had a nice conversation with the docent. She was young, but reasonably knowledgeable of the county's history. One disppointment was the dinosaur tracks exhibit were close for renovations. Bummer! However outside and on the town square there are other incidental exhibits of large three-toed dinosaur tracks. (See pictures.)

I can only imagine what it was like when Somervell County was overrun by big, lumbering three-toed beasts! The best site for dinosaur tracks is Dinosaur Valley State Park. To see an internet site CLICK HERE. Go here to see a video CLICK HERE.

We cut our stroll around Glen Rose short when we noticed a dark rain cloud coming. Before we got to Tres Rios, the cloud turned into a heavy down pour with wind, thunder, and lightening. Luckily, we got back in time to save our awning! After the rain, the park was left standing in pools of water, which were still draining the next day. Mushrooms sprang up everywhere.

Sandi cooked dinner. Later we dressed up and and went to Granbury, which is about 15 miles away. They have an od restored opra house on the town square. Sandi and I love live theatre. Every seat in this house was nice. We got fourth row center seats. Get this! The play was written by a member of the old Waltons TV show cast. Her name was Judy Norton. She was Mary Ellen on the Walton series. The internet notes that she posed nude for Playboy back in 1985. Hmmmm! She wrote the play with a five-piece country band and a four-woman singing ensemble. Of course, there was only one Patsy Cline. No one can sing as well. These ladies did a very good job. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

On the drive back to Tres Rios, we ran into fog ... in September! Quite incredible!

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