Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our Travels


It's been a while since our last blog. Since getting our Casita we have:

  • Spent a weekend in Shreveport, Lousiana.
  • Traveled to Hot Springs, Arkansas.
  • Had a delightful weekend in San Antonio, Texas.

The image at the right was two dancers in the costumes from Veracruz State of Mexico. They were dancing at El Mercado in San Antonio. Besides these dancers, we saw dances from Jalisco state. All were wearing the traditional, colorful costumes. The Spanish-Mexican bicultural flavor of San Antonio is what makes the city so unique.

Our Casita pulled wonderfully. We stayed at a RV campsite off of Roosevelt Street. Later that night, we watched Fiesta Noche del Rio at the Arneson River Theater. The Arneson is on the San Antonio River on the beautiful Riverwalk. As we watched the dancing and singing, river barges floated by.

I have added a solar cell to my Casita. I use a solar cell on top of my Casita to keep the battery charged. it produces 15 watts of power under full sun. It saves me the effort of having to remove the electrical storage battery every two weeks. It my goal to eventually add enough solar cells to deliver 10 to 20 amps of power.

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