Thursday, January 25, 2007

Our new Casita

The Casita Adventures begins. Sandi and I drove to Rice, TX, and picked it up.

The staff at Casita seemed to share our excitement. It was a very nice day. The new RV which we have named Casilla (nicknamed Cassie)towed just fine behind our 2000 Honda Odyssey.

The Casita staff was very helpful. Jonathan showed me that I was using my existing trailer controller incorrectly. Thank you, Jonathan! They installed a weight distribution hitch and Jonathan showed me how to "strap it on". There have been no defects found. The RV pulls like a dream. It is very stable at 60-65 m.p.h.

We plan to take it out this week for a spin. We are planning trips to Shreveport, La; San Antonio, TX; Memphis, TN; Eureka Springs AR; and Yellowstone NP, WY.

I spent two days "moving in" after we brought it "home". It's a small RV and simply won't hold everything we want to carry. Actually, we think this is a good thing. We will travel only with the necessities.

Look for more posts as our adventures continue.

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Kat said...

Looking for more about your adventures!!! (^_^)