Monday, August 13, 2007

Going to Memphis

Our trip starts with hitching up our Casita trailer and heading up I-30 to Memphis, Tenneessee. It's a seven-hour trip. We're going to break it up into two days of travel. We are going to stop at Texarkana at a KOA campground overnight.
It's hot here in Plano. I mean really HOT. We are going to drive slow and just enjoy ourselves. I installed a new solar panel on our Casita. I am anxious to see how it keeps the battery charged as we go down the road. We keep the refrigerator on while running to keep the food cold and ice in the freezer. Will the battery hold up on Solar? We will see.
Two days ago, I turned the referigator on gas to cool it down. Today I noticed that the ice trays were frozen. Before we start, I will switch the power to DC mode and solar power.
When we get there we will camp at the Graceland RV Camp behind the Heartbreak Hotel down at the end of Lonely Street. No kidding! That's where it is!
The weather report says it is 100 degrees plus in Memphis. We will be having so much fun we will not notice the weather at all!
We will get up late on Tuesday and drive to Memphis from Texarkana. We think we will be pulling into Graceland RV around 2 p.m. After setting up, we will relax and go to the Graceland Plaza which just across Elvis Presley Boulevard from Graceland.
Day two will be a long one. We will get up early for a 7:30 a.m. ceremony for the Flat Elvis which is a photo of Elvis which has been all over the world. Then we will be around the Plaza for most of the day. We'll rest during the hot part of the day before going back out around 9 p.m. for the Candlelight Vigil where a predicted hundred thousand Elvis fans will march up the hill holding candles. They proceed around the Elvis' gravesite and back down. It's a very solumn occasion. They usually have appropriate music playing on speakers around the property. The procession five years did not end untio 4 a.m. It's a time for Elvis fans to meet and make new friends.
On Day Two, we get up late and go to the Plaza. Later that evening we will go up town to Corky's Barbecue to eat some of Memphis' famous pork ribs and barbecue. Then we see a consert where Elvis will "appear" in a bigger than life sized image. After walking around Beale Street we will call it a day.
On Day Three, we will go to Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis' birth hometown. We will see his home and a museum, and a chapel. Perhaps we will go to the hardware store where his motgher purchased his first guitar. We may even go to the church where Elvis got his start singing Gospel music.
On Day Four, we will catch a shuttle to tour the mansion where Elvis lived and loved so much.
On Day Five, we return home.

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