Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hot Springs Arkansas

Next we went to Hot Springs, Arkansas. This was our first real outting in our new Casita. We had been to Hot Springs before, and have enjoyed it ever time.

On the way to our RV campsite, we ran into two other Casita owners. They were Dave and Lue who live in Hot Springs. It was very nice to meet them.

The most interesting thing about Hot Springs is Bathhouse Row and the Grand Promanade. All of the hot mineral water bath houses have closes save for one. Hot Springs is actually a national park. The springs actually come out of a side of a mountain and are almost hidden. In the cool days of winter, the springs are seen by the steam coming out. Each bathhouse captured a spring to use for the mineral baths.
Sometime during the 1940's or 1950's bathing in hot mineral water lost favor. Places like Hot Springs now depend on the surrounding lakes, museums, a beautiful garden, and horse race betting to keep tourists returning.

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